Ode to a pyrenees soul

My dear little Nouage,
Precious compagnion of my childhood…
Since we played together, more than half a century
has flowed past on the huge River of Life –
But when I am alone with my cloudy dreams
I see you clearly, my beloved Nouage…
Gamboling on the fields, chasing bugs and little
boys and girls and geese and butterflies –
Kissing my face when I bent down to pick a flower,
Sleeping under my window through the summer nigths…
My compagnion exploring the forest,
My faithful guardian against all wild creatures,
Always ready to give your hart and life –
If only my hart could be as pure as yours!
Then I could enter with you into that Unknown Paradise
where dogs have eternity…
But you flew there alone, one cloudy autumn dusk,
and left me by myself, here below…
And so my spring vanished beyond the clouds.

But when I look up and see a small white cloud in the sky,
I know your soul is watching mine from above.


Edmund S. Bordeaux