A new holiday

It’s a new holiday

It’s a new day and new chances, everything is possible at this new day.
It’s early in the morning and the sun is rising,
this beautiful summerday.
I can see blue waves at the sea, the green grass,
and i can hear
the beautyful sound of birds singing.It’s the last day of school
before the best holiday of the year,
the summer holiday.
All the childrens at school is happy,
and everyone is working hard untill the end of the last school day.
It’s a new summer holyday,
the weather is warm and the sun is shining.
Some children is playing volleyball at the beach,
some kids is swimming and some is just relaxing.
I can see some cars passing by,
maybe theyre heading
to the store or maybe to the airport.
I am walking trough the park to get to the centrum of the city,
and im listening to the birds singing.
As i walk, i see alot of happy people having fun in the park,
some is biking and someone is talking.
Then im on the street again, waiting for a car to pass by
before im walking over to the other side.
My friends is waiting for me on one of the restaurants,
we are gonna celebrate that the summer is here.
Then im finaly there, at the town’s most popular asian/chinese restaurant.
We are ordering the best food they have,
biff in curry.
Later the day, we walked to the harbor and ordered
a trip on a glass boat.
We saw many special and beutiful fishes from the boat,
at this beuitiful summer day.
The sun is going down in the horizont,
and the sky is beutiful.
One of my friends is going to have a party tonight, and im invited.
Im going home to find something to wear at the party,
that is gonna be tonight.
Later im driving home to my friend, i heard the music long time
before i saw the house, at the summer party tonight.

Written by Stian Bm