Amazing moments in a foreign land,
where miracles and wonders just happen all the time.
Early in the morning, so beutifull it is.
At the horizon of wonder, and the brightly rising sun.In a foreign land filled with harmony,
like in a golden forrest and the sound of waterfalls
that whispers: Your dreams, they will come true.

I might be a daydreamer, that dreams of love and peace,
about helping the poor and lonely people in this living world.

But instead of helping, those who need our help,
we making it worse for other people aswell.
By wars and disaster following,
so hard and painfull life has been.

Imagine a world without wars, loneliness and crime.
Imagine a world of love and happiness.
Imagine these things and you’ll know that,
it is called paradise.
Remember the love and peace,
forget about hate and wars.

Written by Stian Bm